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Student’s name: Tutor’s name: Course: Date due: Life of Ivan in a single day Introduction The life of Ivan in one day shows the difficult conditions that innocent citizens who have refused to accept the injustice of a political system go through. It also indicates broadly how innocent people are falsely convicted and mistreated in the jail without trial. The book gives limelight on how inmates for the fear for their lives, fall victims of false accuse to rescue their lives and the people they love. Through the experience of Shukhov, Solzhenitsyn's story shows the unsuccessful attempts made by the inmates like Ivan to get back to their families even when the hope may appear to be not to come to pass. Shukhov's one day in prison rekindles how little people are currently trapped in the merciless political machine by giving a significant picture in the Russian concentration camp. The falsely convicted inmates are called pigs or scum, and the guards suggest that instead of giving them bread, they should be fed on shit (Solzhenitsyn, 14). An accurate depiction of how suffering the inmates are is shown when Ivan heads to the dispensary to be treated only to be told that he ought to have reported the issue the night before. No freedom of expression is allowed with many falling victims of oppression in the jail. The Morning Prayer being recited by the escort guard shows the unsafe conditions that the falsely convicted prisoners go through. An attempt to escape is granted when one makes a step to the left or right with the guard having a green light to shoot without warning (Solzhenitsyn, 26). This shows how prisoners are oppressed by many not being given the

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