Political revolutions paper

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course Number: Date: The French Revolution The French Revolution is the revolutionary movement that took place in France, beginning in 1789 and ending in the late 1790s with the ascension of Napoleon Bonaparte to power. The revolution denoted the end of the “ancient regime,” earning the name the Revolution of 1789. The French Catholic church was also referred to as the Gallican Church. During the time, its was the official religion in the country. In other words, almost the entire population of the country was Catholic. Thus full state membership was denied to Jewish and Protestant minorities. Nevertheless, The churches and religious places in the country were closed later on hence suppressing the religious worship. Therefore, the discussion here is how the French Revolution affected religion and minorities and how the French Revolution lived up to its principles in the aftermath of the revolution over the span of 18th and 19th centuries. Before the French Revolution, Catholic was the official church in France, recognizing the Pope as the ultimate head of the Church. Betros begins by saying that most of the French population was Catholic and therefore, the church had a lot of influence (Taylor, 01). For that reason, the lower class people in France were suppressed as they paid more in taxes than the priests. However, the revolution changes all that as most of the people who previously worshiped Catholicism deserted the religion. In other words, the revolution was undoubtedly one of the Catholic religion’s darkest period in history. The government mainly on the principles of enlightenment advocated for liberty (freedom

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