Political Influence by Education

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According to the article, education is considered the most influential factor in political capabilities. According to David, the effects that education brings about in political ventures are much more pronounced and complex as compared to the effects realized while growing up in countries that have different political heritages and cultures. People who are more politically educated are more patriotic, more politically focused and engage more in the societal modes of voting. Higher political education provides a platform for students to acquire intellectual abilities as well as learn to involve themselves with political and community issues. Many of such learned students are ready and confident to be ‘publicly active’ (Parcarella and Terenzini 250). They can challenge political positions that are traditional, impact on the social values as well as the political structure makeup. Higher learning also enables students to learn the different government roles as well as those people that hold various government offices. Well-educated individuals are also able to openly question the authority due to the skeptic factor that is instilled in them while learning. An educated citizen according to speculators, changes vital citizenship dimensions and politics. They also become empowered and through this they believe they can change the society. There is a newfound educated form of politics that involves sexual aspects that are sexual identity. This kind of politics involves public recognition as well as the rights of homosexuals, transgendered, Bisexual, lesbian, gay, questioning amongst other affinities. The creation of this new form of politics has been brought about by

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