Political Courtesy

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Morals and Ethics of Police Officers Name: Institution: Introduction It is always argued that the law enforcement profession is one of the professions that requires a high degree of both morals and ethical standards. As a result, police officers are accorded one of the high expectations of executing their duties without any discrimination and with the highest possible level of ethical standards. According to the vision of the ethical policing, an ideal police system is one that upholds and value integrity by operating in an environment that is free from corruption, discrimination, or any form of misconduct. Therefore, police officers are expected to deliver their services without fear or favor. Everything that they do privately should be the same with those they do publicly (Mumford, 2014). In this paper, the ethical judgment and moral rules that transpired in the case study Rondo Neighborhood will be covered. The best choice for the Antonne Based on the vision of the ethical policing, the best choice that Antonne should make is the first one. Antonne should take the license with the intention of processing the ticket. After which, Antonne should then refer Peggy to his supervisor. It is worth noting that even though Antonne is a probationary officer, he has the necessary experience to successfully undertake. Therefore, it is of great importance that Antonne executes his duties with a high degree of ethics without any form of favor. Peggy though is a member of the City Council, has no right of violating traffic rules. Her action of overspending in the residential area is a risk to the residents. As a result, it is important for the Antonne to play by

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