political cartoons

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POLITICAL CARTOONS Name Course Date A political cartoon is a drawing made to convey editorial comments on politicians, current events, and politics. Political cartoons help the society to disclose the political status of their country. They provide individuals with the freedom of press and speech. Fundamentally, these sketches are oriented on opinions and can be found on editorial pages in journalistic outlets and newspapers, whether in electronic or printed form. Their theme is the newsworthy and current political issues for the society to understand them better. But readers should have a basic understanding of the political status, ideally provided in the medium where they are published. These political cartoons have some social critiques because people who post them come from the community. The paper will give a social commentary of political cartoons. Sometimes cartoonists make a lot of exaggerations to represent their ideas. However, when people study the cartoons, they see characters who are overblown or overdone. Some people do not understand what the pictures mean because of these exaggerations making them unuseful. Some of the cartoonists cannot develop new ideas which make their art complicated to understand. Others use traditional methods, and the reader cannot tell what is ironic in the political cartoons. The cartoonist may use an old technique which does not give much difference on the description of his or her idea. Some people cannot understand the analogy in these cartoons which makes cartoons irrelevant to them. The society may take some information negatively because of poor understanding of the main idea in these drawings. The community may

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