Political Campaigns

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Student’s Name Instructor Course Date Political Campaigns Americas have always been certain of the election date since the US Congress instituted the election date in 1845.The certainty of the date offers political parties, and independent candidates adequate time to prepare for elections. Within a period of two years before the general elections, several electoral activities take place to subject candidates to various processes which culminate in their nomination to vie for various seats. Although the Constitution allows eligible aspirants to vie as independent candidates, a majority of political offices in the country are held by either Democrats or Republicans .For presidential candidates, the process is more complicated. Due to the complexity of the nomination process and the vastness of the Union, aspiring candidates must gather adequate resources so as to devise the best strategies that would enable them to secure the nominations as flag bearers for the two major political parties. The paper will explore campaign financing in the US elections, the role of the media in elections, and the role of modern technologies in political campaigns. A.CAMPAIGN FINANCE IN THE UNITED STATES Money matters so much in elections as it enables the campaigners to spread the message to the masses as can be seen in the massive reelection of incumbents (Lasson 7). Campaign finances in the US, like other developed democracies, play a significant role in facilitating the activities of campaign teams across the country. These efforts require huge sums of money for them to achieve the influence needed to for their respective candidates to succeed in the elections. The campaigns

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