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To Whom It May Concern As a Lecturer in the Department of Economics, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Miss Nicole for more than three years. She has been a dedicated student who stands out among her peers for her strong math base and extraordinary academic performance. I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Miss Nicole to your Master’s program whole-heartedly. I got to know Miss Nicole while teaching her macroeconomics as a sophomore year student. It is one of the elemental courses, but still a little hard for a first-year student. I desired my students to have a solid math basis and thus recommended them to read a few books: Introduction to Macroeconomics, Fundamental of Dynamic Optimization and Elements of Dynamic Optimization, in preparation for the advanced economic courses. 90% of the students in the class did not follow my advice, except a few ones, including Miss Nicole, who accomplished this additional requirement and even consulted me on questions she had from the readings. She was proactive and energetic, mastering data analysis skills using STATA, Python, and ArcGIS by herself and eventually attaining excellent grades in my class. Miss Nicole never forgot to improve her math foundation because she knew that if she wanted to further her studies in economics, she would need to use math in analyzing economic models. She acted on this and ultimately showed improved analytical skills in the intermediate microeconomics class than she did the previous two years in macroeconomics. Equipped with this solid foundation, she could accomplish assignments quickly and even assists other students in solving complex problems. She impressed me in the

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