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Name Professor’s name Unit Date World system theory Immanuel Wallerstein first developed the world system theory and it emphasizes on a world system rather than a nation -state system as the primary unit of social analysis. He explained the world system to be made of conflicting forces that hold it together. According to Immanuel Wallerstein, the world system has characteristics of an organism which changes during its lifespan in some aspects and remains stable in other. His main idea in the world system is the world economy that is economy integrated through the market and not a political center. In the global economy, regions are interdependent on necessities. Further, two policies are in a race trying to attain supremacy by avoiding the occurrence of a center. Wallerstein points out that exchange of products and partition of labor define the world structures. The periphery and the core are two regions that are independent and arise due to the separation of labor. In the current world economy, there exists a power hierarchy were by the powerful and wealthy that is core societies exploit the poor and weak peripheral communities. The realism theory shows that anarchy is the core of the international system. This means that it has no central authority. States are independent and sovereign. No inherent structure attempts to regulate relations between states. In such a system state power is the only variable of interest meaning that only through power is states ale to defend them. Power hence is the determinant of survival of states in realism theory. International politics are dependent on the material potential of a country. Realism theory is blind to the

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