Policemen of the World Final Paper

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Policemen of the World Student’s name Institutional affiliation International Events in Which the U.S. Military Got Involved The Gulf War was a conflict which started when Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990. Notably, the war was triggered by the need by Iraq to acquire the oil fields of Kuwait. The USA became suspicious of the intentions of the Iraq and formed a coalition with some Arab countries to attack Iraq while acting under UN policies. Iraq ignored the UN Security Council directives, and this prompted the USA to launch the attack. The Iraq troops which were being headed by Saddam Hussein responded by attacking the USA as well as the countries which formed the coalition. The coalition attained victory in February 1991 with the destruction of Iraq’s nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons (Schultz 2014).  The War on Iraq started when four planes of USA were hijacked by Afghanistan and crashed on World Trade Center in 2001.The US blamed the Taliban for the attack and invaded Afghanistan to remove them out. However, President Bush later claimed that Iraq was mostly involved in the hijacking of the plane and the attack of the US. Moreover, President Bush argued that Saddam Hussein was in possession of dangerous weapons of mass destruction. Consequently, US responded by invading Iraq and toppled the Iraq’s government (Bergsten 1992). Factors that Contributed to the Rise of USA as a Super Power Policeman The first aspect that contributed to the rise of the USA to super power is the atomic bomb.The US developed the atomic bomb and launched to Japan, and this led to the calling of conflict in the Pacific.US dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima on the

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