Police Shootings

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The scenarios described are not desirable in any civilized society, according to the law of criminal justice the police are supposed to protect life at all times. The situations in Texas, Colorado, Florida, Long Beach and California led to the loss of lives of human beings. The law enforces ought to shoot as the last resort hence protecting live. In the issue of Texas, the police performed his duty of protecting his life. The second scenario the police overstepped on his mandate since he shot an unarmed man. The act of shooting a 66 old woman was not justified.The woman was not armed, and thus the policeman could have instead arrested him. The police shooting of Latina was justified since he was protecting property (stolen car). The last instance the police killed a person who was attempting suicide thus he acted unlawfully. The scenario in Texas had social benefit since the police were able to protect his life. In Florida, the state has to bear the cost of compensating the man who was wanted to commit suicide. In Colorado, the shooting of the driver had a social disadvantage since the country lost the life of an innocent youth. The killing of an innocent old woman had a social cost since the government has to compensate him. The shooting at the beach had a social cost since the state has to pay $4.5 to settle the lawsuit for shooting an unarmed person. The department policy and legal precedent shape the outcome of the shooting as quite unfortunate, and proper investigation should be encouraged so as to bring justice to the victims. The department is also collecting the available evidence so as to be able to come up with an appropriate decision. The department has also

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