Police Operations

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Name: Tutor: Topic: Date: Police Operations The role of police as it pertains to the Constitution The police have a primary role in protecting the citizens of the country. They are charged with the responsibility to ensure that law and order is maintained according to what is dictated in the Constitution as well as the agencies they are in. To start with, before an officer may be genuinely considered as one, he must take an oath according to the Constitution and the respective states that they come from. Their first allegiance is to the Constitution which is a representation of the people’s wishes. Hence, it can be said that a police officer’s role is to protect the Constitution. Secondly, the police have a responsibility to make lawful arrests. The 4th amendment provides that there will be no unwarranted searches by the police (Carmen, 1). This is a protection mechanism for the citizens but a role for the police. Additionally, the police also have the role of ensuring that any liberty curtailed is justified. This is to mean that no individual shall be placed in jail without being charged as in accordance with the 5th amendment. This amendment also covers the procedure that ought to be followed while making arrests, that is, informing the arrestee of the offense they are suspected of, their right to an advocate and to be charged within 72 hours (Institute, 1). The police also have a responsibility to protect arrestees from giving evidence against themselves. This role also extends to them not forcing the arrestees to testify against themselves. Functions of the police agencies Police agencies exist in every state. Every

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