Police brutality

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Details Date Police Brutality The use of excessive force by the police officers roils the United States once again. There has been an increase in the fatal shootings by the police officers according to the recent study. Recently, more shooting and killing has been seen among officers while they are in their line of duty. In the United States, major social and movements in the US have involved the use of excessive force by the police. Such movements include global war on terrorism, civil rights movement as well as the war on drugs CITATION Coo15 l 1033 (Cooper, 2015) The police brutality was condemned by the committee of UN against torture in 2014. Additionally, it condemned the use of excessive force by the law implementation in the US, highlighting the frequency of police brutality on the black individuals. This paper, therefore, seeks to discuss ways in which police brutality against the minority groups has affected the way in which people view the police. Additionally, this paper aims at showing graphical statistics on the percentage, graph of the minority groups in the US who have been affected and the location by state or city. Besides, the paper aims at discussing ways on how to end police brutality on the minority groups and how police brutality makes our families unsafe as well as what we can do about it. Due to police brutality, the people of US have changed their view on how they used to see the police officers. They see the police officers as murderers. A murderer is a person who unlawfully kills another person or the citizens. The police officers unlawfully kill citizens, an act which is against the laws of

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