Police Accountability

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Police Accountability Students Name Institutional Affiliation Date Police accountability Every American organization whether government, private or non – profit, they have to be accountable. The American accountability policing is thus an essential tool in ensuring that every individual or entity is held accountable for its conduct. The NYPD is one of such departments that through effective policies and practices are held accountable for its actions in the achievement of the NYPD goals and objectives like Lawfulness and legitimacy. The accountability of the police officers is one of the most effective tools in ensuring that the NYPD reduces the levels of crime through promoting legitimacy and lawfulness in the country. It's through police accountability that the community can work hand in hand with the police in ensuring crime reporting is effective, and other lawfulness disciplines are maintained. There are many police accountability procedures that have adopted and are being implemented by the law enforcement agencies especially the NYPD to ensure effectiveness. The procedures include the establishment formal agency policies that relate to on the application and use of police authority, performance evaluation of the police officers, the use of early intervention systems, and investigation of police misconduct and the supervision of police officers. This research paper specifically addresses the policies that have been adopted by the NYPD when using police authority in the New York, its efficacy and implementation. Even today new methods have adopted as it pertains to the use of police authority especially force usage where the police officers report and

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