Police Accountability impact on Black Lives Matter movement in the U.S.

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Police Accountability Impact on Black Lives Matter Movement in the US Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Executive SummaryThe main reason for writing this report is to highlight the impact of police brutality on black lives matters. According to Black lives matter, the idea behind the movement is to champion for the equality in the manner in which police handle different races. They believe the police are unfair to the black Americans. Since 2012, more than 120 black men and women have succumbed to police brutality. Black lives matter for a long time has become a movement that aims at bridging the racial divide that is visible in the manner in which the United States of America System of police has failed to exercise fairness in their administration of duty. To shed more light, close to 40 percent of American prisons are made of black people. The objective of this report is to identify the state of the situation by analyzing the available facts and the impact of the issue to the relevant stakeholders. Then providing necessary mechanism to help solve the problem. It is surprising that none of the perpetrators of these police brutality has been punished, most of the times the police guard their fellows to seal any evidence that may leak to the public (Taleb, 2007). The officers involved in such acts are rarely indicted, neither are they convicted. Instead, a good number of them get back to their jobs. The family members of the victims are often left in sorrows; their attempt to fight for justice always backfires as none of the police is willing to take sides

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