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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name English 101 Date Poetry Analysis Langston Hughes’s poem, Democracy is about the need for fighting for democracy and the need to attain it. It is a call to action to everybody to put aside their fears and vehemently fight for democracy as it won’t just happen if people just sit. On the other side, “When I consider how my life is spent” by John Milton is a meditation by the author about his blindness; Why it happened to him, and what underlies next. The author goes on to lament to God why this happened to him but at the same time exonerates him from his tribulations. Both poems have effectively used sound patterns, imagery, figurative elements and sound play, among other literary elements. The poems’ structures are also well set so as to capture the recipient’s mind In Democracy, the speaker uses a didactic tone with the intention of bringing the audience’s attention to what is at stake. According to the speaker, Democracy will not come to anybody if they remain in fear of asking for it. Forget about this year, today or whatever time, democracy won’t happen if people continue bargaining with their friends and partners on what is to come (Hughes, Rampersad and Roessel 37). This is educative to anyone who cares to listen. John Milton’s poem on the other side uses a reflective tone that seeks to share with the audience his tribulations and make them picture themselves in his shoes. The speaker starts by outlining how he became blind before his life was halfway over. “Light spent, Ere half my days.”(Pockell 73) Sound patterns are well manifested in both poems through the use of Rhyme and alliteration. The

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