Poem about Carpe Diem ( Seize the day)

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Name Instructor Course Date Seize the Day When you do count the clock that shows the time, Be it in disgrace with mishap and norm, Quite alone but weep thy lazybone state, Shall I liken thee to the summer fete, Thou art laggard but very sensible, Make glorious wean by this sun girdle, If music be your love, keep the game on, Give thee not an excess, that need summon, For unlike thee past thy future awaits, Arise my one and queue, the night’s dreadful, Strain again! Have ye not a dying fall, Inspired be in all leap and scuffle, If you try set the key inside its lock, Can have more than yester to eat o’clock, Gather thy rosebuds today that you may, The enticing old time will sooner sway. The poem is persuading the reader to give life an attempt by not just watching the clock in laziness and weeping alone, but by sensibly making use of the sun's timeline. Whether it is the music they like, they should give it a try but avoid too much of anything. They should forget the past, and should not sleep longer but have a spirit to try again and again. They should let every fail inspire them but selectively choose the course. This is the only way to earn more. It is only when they have the energy that they can leap more. Else the energy will go before they

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