Plot Twist short story

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Plot Twist It was dark and chilly. All I could feel was the nabbing pain in my ankle after I had slid and fell off a ditch. My mind was racing, and I could not help but think of my warm bed at home. I remembered how for many times I had taken sleeping soundly in my bed for granted. I felt that I missed the soft touch of my duvet. The thoughts were now making the pain disappear as I drifted further into the dreamland. All I wanted was to lie on a warm bed and forget all the woes that had befallen me. By now, I knew nobody would find me after I had seen a cave to spend the night. Amidst the fantasies, I wondered how I had gotten to the moment I was. The day had started sunny, and I could feel that it was going to be a memorable one. I had woken up early to prepare for the long day ahead of me. My friends and I had decided to take a hike to a nearby mountain range. The range was filled with many and breathtaking scenery, according to the flier we had collected at the local grocery store. At around 9 o’clock I rang my friends to confirm the rendezvous point. I quickly showered and clad in comfortable shoes and hiking gear. I had looked forward to this day since I saw the flier. I pulled out of the driveway and headed to meet my friends. My friends greeted me with much excitement and zeal as they hopped into the back seats of the vehicle. Since we were not familiar with the terrain of the ranges, I had arranged for a local tour guide to meet us at the designated parking area . As we drove, we chatted about how we had always wanted to reach the furthest into the surrounding vegetation. The range was surrounded by

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