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Biomedical Engineering Name Institution Biomedical Engineering My curiosity about science dates back to when I was a little kid trying to figure out how people would fit in a small box called television. This childhood fantasy is the reason for my ever-growing urge to open up most electronics that come my way. My elder brother specialized in Electrical Engineering, and I took that opportunity to learn a few things from him. The interaction even made Physic one of my favorite subjects. Whenever I have a burning question regarding science, the answers always come from Physics. Taking a whole day to figure out how a small electrical component works have never been a problem to me. Engineering is my passion. The same curiosity that made me love Physics also drove me towards Biology. While in high school, I learned about the neurons and all other small parts that make a human body functions. It is mind bobbling how a tiny nerve could cause a lot of complications. The heart beats for over 70 years without needing any spare parts. The human brain can store memories for as long as individual life (Najafpour, 2015). All these are the reasons why I love studying Biology. The idea of using both my engineering skills and biological fantasies to save human life is what prompted me to choose a field that will satisfy my ambitions. Biomedical Engineering is the field that ticks all my boxes. My passion for engineering and love for biology makes this field the best option. I have always worked hard to come up with something different from what already exists. Every time I watch engineering documentaries, new ideas pop up in my mind. Implementing these ideas is something I have

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