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The EBP Process Name Institution of Affiliation Evidence-Based Practice The evidence-based practice is a method used by the health caretakers to solve the professional problems. It uses the best available evidence as for its characteristic for making decisions on clinical matters. It helps in the provision of the most consistent and best possible care to patients. From research, it is confirmed that the outcomes of patients improve when nurses practice in this approach. Safety of patient is increasing. It has also improved clinical outcomes. The costs of healthcare have reduced (DiCenso 2014). I have selected education as my specialty track. The reason behind the selection of education as the track to specialize on is because it provides opportunities for clinical personnel to learn. It is a promising strategy for healthcare groups aiming at promoting evidence-based practice. It also empowers clinicians. This showcases their excellence in clinical knowledge. The passion for choosing education is driven by its overwhelming benefits. Through the offering of education, mentorship and funding, it is a way of filling a gap in the generation of evidence. For people without advanced education, it provides an important opportunity for learning and engaging in research. It makes stability in excitement in one's job. Use of a mixed-method design is an example that was used in evaluating. A survey (before-after) was designed with an aim of assessing the effect of education to clinicians in order to get their perceptions of it. It proofed to be a promising initiative to be undertaken by the caretakers (Schmidt 2014). This is achieved through not only highlighting the

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