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Health Hazard Assessment Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Health Hazard Assessment The workplace I have selected for my operation is a rock mining site affected by noise hazard. The primary cause of noise hazard in this environment is the rock drilling tool and the power supply generator. 1. Steps taken when performing health hazard assessment include: • Identifying where there is high noise risk and the individuals with likely to be affected. • Have a reliable approximation of the workers’ exposures, and relate them to the limit values and action values of exposure. • Find out everything that you need to do by the law, for instance, whether hearing protection or noise control methods are required, and if so, what types and where. • Identify any employee that needs to be equipped with health surveillance and whether the employees are at any specific risk (Ridley, 2008). 2. Use of PPE for Controlling Occupational Hazards Related to Noise Personal preventive equipment, PPE, is equipment worn or used by an individual at work mainly to protect him/her from threats arising from noise. However, the use of PPE should be taken as the last option for noise control. The intensity of noise hazard is dependent on the exposure duration and the sound level. Sounds with very high levels are a threat. Personal preventive equipment used include canal caps/semi-insert, earmuffs, and earplugs. It is essential to provide workers with the right protectors for hearing and making sure that they can fit them. Also, one should take PPE that reduce noise to levels that are acceptable and allow for communication and safety (Bell, 1994). 3. Evaluating

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