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FEMINIZATION OF MASCULINITY Name of Student Course name Date For a long time, there has been a battle of the sexes. It is unfortunate that the male individuals are considered more superior than their female counterparts. As they dominate a large part of the society, these happenings force women to indulge in domestic and household duties. Focusing specifically on American masculinity, there is a misconception about the concept. Most young men are discouraged from sharing their emotions and feelings simply because it is "unmanly." To understand the influence of femininity in masculinity, it is important to delve into hyper-sexuality and its tenets. As males associate themselves with superiority, it is difficult for them to alleviate the status of females. Male chauvinism is often accentuated when feminism is on the rise and verge of eradicating masculinity. As a way of retaliation, male folk objectify women and degrade them in an attempt to validate their being. It is quite sad that the newly elected President of the United States is, in fact, a partisan of these derogatory ideologies toward females. Even before his Presidential campaigns, he influenced Americans wrongly. Regarding the male individual while degrading the female one, fails to bring about equality in society. These happenings have forced women also to retaliate and employ the tenets of feminism in fighting for equality of the sexes. The issue of gender roles has also been explored greatly; depicting the shift in traditional roles of males and females. As per traditional roles and beliefs, females are supposed to handle domestic duties and cater to their husbands. There has been an increase

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