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MANDATORY GRADED ASSIGNMENT Name Institution Question 1 Kant was more inclined on the obligation of upholding the relevant moral duty rather than dwelling and trying to predict the consequences which might result in telling the truth or a lie. Hence, Kant outrightly was against the idea of lying in all and every circumstance even if the intentions and consequences brought forth were of a good nature. With reflection to his famous case the “Inquiring Murder,” he says even if the truth leads to the death of a woman, the moral duty would have been upheld and so actions are perceived to be right when they are aligned with the duty which is the - moral duty of always telling the truth. In this case, without being certain of the consequences that our actions will bring, Kant says we should not opt to tell a lie so as to bring about good consequences or avoid any evil that may arise. To know the actual consequences, we should be able to predict them with the highest form of accuracy, something which not everyone in the world can do with ease. Additionally, in telling a lie to bring about good consequences, with no much certainty, there is a high chance that more worse occurrences can arise from the lie in comparison with if the truth was told. Kant says that what we can be certain of, though, is that in the event of us choosing the truth, we are avoiding the evil, but when choosing to tell a lie, we are committing the evil. He also says, the good and bad consequences are beyond our human control but what we can control is the right to choose between committing an evil or not. In the occurrence of bad consequences, they are considered not to be your fault and hence

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