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Students name Professor's name: Course Date Analytical essay Is war part of an effort toward its eventual eradication or is it an evitable element of human existence? The most important themes in the book 'Johnny Got His Gun' is how man is directly related to war and effects of war. War itself is a major piece of the topic in this book; Joe Brohan more than one thinks about the war various circumstances. One such event is the point at which he discusses the privilege of a man's decision to go to war, as it were men were recruited to go to war, and they honestly didn't have a lot of choices (Berdal et al. 762). Another impression of the war is when Joe feels sorry for himself and discloses to himself that the war wasn't a place for him, and how the war was not his issue to worry about (Trumbo, 32). A vital topic of the book is the way manipulative promulgation can be; Joe Brohan reviews various circumstances where purposeful publicity is utilized. One example is the point at which a story from the Los Angeles Times provided details regarding a tale where two caught Canadian troopers were executed by the Germans, which caused a turmoil with the general population which convinced numerous individuals to trust that Germany should have been rebuffed for their activities. Another occurrence is when Johnny is stating farewell to his family, his better half, and her dad a star war melody is thundering out of sight. This book is entirely against to war; indeed, the book was composed to delineate the fierceness of fight, and how troopers return with numerous issues. Joe Broham addresses explicitly this when he tries to legitimize his new, lasting condition, expressing

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