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Name: Professor: Class: Date: Letter to the Editor The New York Times Dear Editor, After reading this article: In District Known for Failure, Will the state finally step in? By Kate Taylor on Feb. 1, 2018; I felt that the state department of education should set-up a task force to develop a strategic plan to change the 30 years of poor performance at the Hempstead school. The plan should be comprehensive looking at the students, parents, school management board, and the district education department. The threats and warning letters issued to the school board and its management is not enough to deter bad behavior. I suggest harsher punishment like dismissal and jail terms to those found culpable of breaking the law. Since, every day that such people continue working in their positions, means more young lives are destroyed. This is because the teachers and board members who are expected to be role models and mentors to the students are busy waging war among themselves, stealing and defrauding the school, and the school head is conducting corrupt activities and hiking of prices. The school management should make efforts to integrate the learners from all backgrounds. This will improve performance as fights will reduce and learners co-exist. The school management must be monitored by the education department should monitor the management to make sure that during school meetings or parent-teacher meetings there are interpreters. Such an action will cut feelings of marginalization and create cohesion in the community. And the interpreters should help students who are not proficient in English. I think to dismiss Dr. Waronker as the school superintendent was a wrong

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