Please provide a personal statement detailing your personal and/or academic goals and how your personal life experience shapes or impacts your hopes for the future.

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Name: Instructor:Course: Date: My personal and academic goals Goals define who we want to become in future, and a life without goals is a pointless life. To this effect, inspired by events, people, and personal life experiences, I have set both personal and academic goals that I would like to achieve by a given time limit dictated by the goal (Wheeler 307). The computing would is both fascinating and challenging. However, I am determined to break through. Technology is advancing at a very high level, and I too would like to make an impact on it. Driven by the urge to solve current problems experienced by ordinary people ranging from computing software to the hard itself, I aim to improve the data sharing platforms and methods. Provide a way to extend the close network sharing platforms to any global distance without necessarily the use of internet but other waves. Ever take a photo with your phone and you have to redo it again? Even though the ability of mobile phones has been improved on a daily basis, it still hasn't reached its optimum. Again, only a few very well able can afford the sophisticated devices. I aim to improve imaging abilities and invent ways of cheap production of these devices for all to access. The thirst for knowledge has set me on the path of seeking it. To ensure a purposeful, progressive line, I have set a goal to keep me in check. The quality of the education received is dependent on the institution attended. The University of Toronto, being a leading higher education institution remains my first choice place of study. I have always aimed at joining the coveted school for my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and after that for my

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