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Your name Professor’s name Course name Date of submission Admission Essay At the CIA, "Food is Life." What does this mean to you? The CIA's "Food is Life" mantra is a clear indication of the institution's dedication to culinary arts. To me, it means that the four different CIA campuses strive to provide exquisite services to their students. They understand the repercussions that may arise in the food industry due to poor culinary education. By saying that "Food is Life," it is clear that the company is more focused on quality rather than quantity in the food business. The CIA understands the benefits of food in individuals’ daily lives. Therefore, it is their duty to fulfill this reality by disseminating culinary professionalism to different folk. The CIA's mantra "Food is Life" also means that unlike certain careers, the culinary arts, and food-related businesses will always be marketable. People will also require production and provision of food hence it is a lasting industry. Pursuing culinary arts at the CIA will not only improve my chances of securing a prestigious job but, it will also ensure that I offer quality services to my customers. Their passion for food is directly transferred to their students through the exchange of educational material. Describe a situation you have experienced where you faced challenges that required you to be persistent. What was the result of that experience? When I was 17 years old, I had an altercation with my father because he refused to pay for an important high school trip. According to him, the trip was irrelevant and was not required for my transcript. He insisted that the school was supposed to fund both the

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