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INNOVATIONS OF WORLD WAR II Name Course Date Innovations of World War II When the word ‘war’ is mentioned the first image that appears in our mind is the terror, fear, destruction among others. A famous British Psychologist, Henry Ellis once said, “There is nothing the war has achieved that we could not achieve without it." This statement is somehow not true. Is as much as the war brings terror it also brings new developments and innovations. There is also the positive side of war such as the invention of methods mass food production to feed the soldiers and victims of war who have lost or cannot access sources of their livelihood, the invention of new medicines to treat the wounded among others. Nuclear which was invented to be used as a weapon in war is currently used as a source of clean energy thus reducing the global warming instead of oil and coal which have devastating effects. Let's focus on innovations of World War II in particular. It is believed that technological innovations played a significant role in Allied Powers defeating the Axis Powers. Most of the modern advances we have were invented during World War II or as a result of the war. Before the World War II, blood transfusion was a major challenge as blood could be stored for only two days before the blood cells could break down after which blood had to be administered to the patient as quickly as possible before it expired. During the war, blood transfusion was a necessity, and it needed to be transported over a longer period to where the injured soldiers and victims of war were being treated. In response to this, Charles Drew was asked to lead medical program referred to as Blood for

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