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Contributions of Nature and Nurture in Personality Student’s name: Course name: Student’s number: Due Date: Contributions of Nature and Nurture in Personality Abstract The debate on nature vs. nurture has been inexistence for a longtime and many philosophers have failed to agree on this issue as to what influences the personality of a person. A lot of theories have been put into place to give a detailed description on how each affect behavior of a person. All persons have a unique DNA coding in their system which makes them unique different from each other. This is evident in traits such as eye color, skin pigmentation and height. However the study of nature wants to find out if genes inherited from parents affect our personality. Besides, the nurture argument suggested that despite having inherited characteristics the environment plays a key role in shaping ones behavior. Further this argument gives theories that proof how training and exposure influence personality, for instance the behaviorism theory. Eventually, the question of what influences our behavior goes answered and we are still left in a confusing state when the theme changes from whether its nature or nurture that influences behavior to how the two interact to bring out ones behavior. Although the debate is endless, it’s evident that we have inherited genes but the environmental exposure contributes to our personality too. Introduction Nature can be defined as hormone-based behavior which occurs due to the genetic compositions that a person possesses affecting their physical being and the character traits that one portrays. On the other hand, nurture refers to the experimental and the

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