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Environment and Violence Student’s Name Institution Environment and Violence In basic terms, identification of the relationship that exists between environmental factors, causes of violence and endless conflicts provides a primary platform for understanding, evaluation, and formulation of the amicable solution towards conflict resolution. It is clear that environmental issues have in the past and in the current times played a significant role in raising tensions and stirring violent activities worldwide. Therefore, it is relatively important to understand the relationship between these two issues to develop a reliable solution to this sophisticated issue of violence. As mentioned earlier, the scarcity of environmental factors, in particular, the natural resource has been identified as the major cause of conflicts between people from similar or different cultures, race, origin, and nationalities. For instance, land, oil, water masses are among one of the major natural resources which have over time fueled animosity and persistent conflicts between various communities worldwide. First and foremost, in an attempt to construct measures of conflict management, it is important to devise ways of ensuring equality and fairness in the distribution, ownership, management, and extraction of these environmental resources as a way of solving or avoiding conflict between the parties involved. It would be relatively unreasonable to address shallow issues in a conflict such as peace-keeping measures when primary key environmental issues are not addressed explicitly. As a result, identifying the links between a particular conflict and the related environmental factors should

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