Plea Bargains

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The use of plea bargains in the legal system of the U.S has accounted for more than 90% of the criminal cases. Plea bargains are agreements between the defendant and the prosecutor in cases criminal in nature where the defendant pleads guilty with the goal of receiving a lesser sentencing. Although plea bargains are controversial, it has helped in handling many criminal cases to date and reduced the over pilling court cases while at the same time ensuring both parties are satisfied with the criminal procedure. However, there are some reasons raised against the application of plea bargaining in the justice system mainly by taking away the constitutional right of the defendant. Firstly, the use of plea bargaining helps in the reduction of caseloads both for the courts and the prosecutors. As such, it gives the prosecutor time to prepare for more serious cases while at the same time making the courts to be less overcrowded with petty cases and offenders. Besides, taking into accord the rights of the offenders, it gives them the liberty to hasten trials by allowing the opportunity to agree to particular blame voluntarily thus avoiding trails that are expensive and time-consuming. Moreover, it ensures certainty where the defendants can know the maximum sentence they will face in case of serious criminal offenses. Also, the use of pleas ensures that a guilty person is found guilty more quickly unlike during trial where the prosecution is required to produce enough evidence with no benefit of a doubt ("15 Serious Advantages and Disadvantages of Plea Bargaining", N.p). Also, it gives room for its primary purpose where it reduces the maximum sentence that one can be given if the

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