Plato’s defense of justice: What is justice and why should we be just? (Republic, Books I–IV)

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Name Instructor Course Date Plato’s Defense of Justice The society today has faced all forms of social, economic and political injustices. These include disparities in wealth distribution, genocide, human trafficking and corruption. All these prejudices have led to the suffering of people, death, and slow societal development. Due to these reasons, individuals, governmental and non-governmental organizations have tried to define the meaning justice and how it can be practical in the society today. People who defend justice are happier as compared to the unfair and corrupt in the society. Plato in his book ‘The Republican’ gives out extended principles of the primary conduct of human being. Alternatively, he considers the value of justice and moral virtues as they occur in the world and also personal attributes of a person. In his discussion, he leads to the nature of human being, the accomplishment of basic knowledge, the discrepancy between reality and the required foundations of morality in the world. So as to unveil the real meaning of justice, Socrates engages a dialogue with Cephalus, Glacon, Thrasymachus, and polemarchus. What is justice? The book I ‘The gives an ecumenical dialogue of the structure of truth. Cephalus seems to suggest that justice only means the ability of a person, to tell the truth, and also paying other people's debts. However, Socrates, on the other hand, puts an objection. He argues that returning a borrowed item is an act of following the law and it is not a show of justice. Thus Cephalus description is incorrect since its application does not anyhow relate the worldly notion of the word justice. People should pay debts,

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