Plato and the Matrix

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Descartes, Plato, and the Matrix Name Institution Descartes, Plato, and the Matrix Comparing and Contrasting the Matrix with Readings from Descartes and Plato The three pieces of art are excellent in the manner in which they portray the lives of the characters. A comparison of the works brings out several similarities and differences in the manner in which the characters viewed their lives. They have many questions about the reality they live in by having the thoughts that someone might be manipulating them. The characters in the Matrix, Plato's Cave and Descartes finally meet the people who had been manipulating their lives after being free. They had been manipulated from childhood, which leaves them with no experience about the real reality in life. In the Matrix, Neo is fed with images, which keep him in dreamland (Wachowski, 1999). In the Allegory of the Cave, the prisoners are exposed to images generated from shadows of their keepers by fire. They live to believe that indeed the images were real. Moreover, the characters in the three works find it difficult to believe that they lived a lie throughout their lives. For instance, Neo disputes that the matrix existed but accepts later after being convinced about its existence. There are differences found in the three literary works with regard to the how the characters view life. There is a difference on how the characters discover the false reality in which they live. Prisoners in the Cave Allegory are free at the will of their masters. Later, they begin to view the reality of life after a period of adjustment and socializing with other people. They appreciate the uniqueness of this new reality and pity those

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