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Import/Export Management Student: Professor: Course title: Date: In import/export management, there is a need for articulation of the duties of every employee. The managers have a task of carrying out activities for ensuring success in the planning and execution of an import /export. The activities that a manager undertakes include ensuring that all employees comply with the regulations of the involved countries, Olivo, Zilli, Gianezini & Yamaguchi, 2015). This activity is in the considerations that violations of laws of countries in the process of importation or exportation would have dire consequences. The managers also organize for timely and also cost effective freights for ferrying the goods of the export/import, (Nelson, 2009). This duty is in line with the realization that ineffective modes of freight shipments and costly ones translate to minimization of profitability which does not auger well with any form of business. Manager in import/export also has a duty of ensuring the creation of the right relationships with employees, vendors and also the governments in question. Such relationships go a long way in ensuring a smooth running of business. In import/export planning and execution, a lot of attention goes to the route planning. This view emanates from the consideration that; the right route planning ensures efficiency and costs effectiveness; hence, benefits to the business. It is essential that there is an overview of the fundamental elements of route planning so as to ensure success, (Orgaz, Barrero, R-Moreno & Camacho, 2015). Those key elements include an understanding of the client’s business model. This feature goes alongside the

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