Planning and Techniques Assignment

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Planning and Techniques Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Planning and Techniques Apple Inc. is an American company that was incorporated back in 1977. The main function of the company is to design, manufacture and market mobile devices, music gadgets and, personal computers. The company has a wide operation base that includes America, Europe, China, Japan and some part of Asia (Kim, 2016). The company’s fast growth is mainly attributed to the first growth of technology that has helped it to come up with some commendable innovations. Since Steve Jobs took over the management, the company’s creativeness intensified with as the journey of launching superior products started then. Even after his death, his ideas are still being used in the firm leading to better products and hence high revenues. The vision and mission statement of the company continues to motivate its employees to be more innovative and productive. Apple’s mission and vision statement are mainly focused on maintaining the competitive strategy. The vision states where the company intends go in terms of growth and product development. Its mission statement states the actions that should be taken so that the company can continue being successful (Vivien, 2013). The current leadership style of the company can be broadly defined as democratic. Employees are given a chance to give their opinion and the management implements some of them that are considered to be the best. The company’s main competitor is Samsung, they have been launching handsets one after another, when iPhone produced iPhone five, so did Samsung, and they have done the same up to iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy eight.

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