Physical Measurements

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Carlo Erba 1108 Elemental Analyzer (Heraeus, Hanau, Germany) was subjected to elemental analyses. The compounds used were all within the theoretical values of ±0.4%. Similarly, a Varian spectrometer was used to record 13C NMR and 1H NM spectra, EM-390, 600 MHz, while TMS was applied as an internal standard reference. The compounds’ FT-IR spectra (4000-400 cm-1) were recorded as KBr disks through the application of FT-IR (Shimadzu) spectrophotometer model 8400. The automated continuums of the ligand and its metallic compounds were prepared in 10-3 M DMF solution using an Angstrom UV-V’s spectrophotometer approach 1100 under the scope of 200-900 nm. Equally, the Brucker, Model: EMX, X-band spectrometer was used in the recording of ESR spectrum of Cu (II) complex while Hewlett-Packard mass spectrometer, Model MS 5988 was applied in the recording of the mass spectra of the compounds. Samples were directly applied to the examination and the disintegrations were done at 300 degrees Celsius and 70 eV. The Gouy method was applied in the measurement of the magnetic predispositions of the complexities at a room temperature through the application of a magnetic susceptibility balance (Johnson Matthey, Alfa product, Model No. MKI)). The effective magnetic moments were computed using the formulae µeff = 2.828 (χM.T) 1/2 B.M., where χM represents the molar predisposition that is corrected through the application of Pascal’s coefficients for the diamagnetism of all molecules in the complexes while T represents the absolute temperature. The pH and conductometer apparatus Model 14831 (Italy) were applied in the establishment of the molar conductance of the mixtures in moles of

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