Physical and Mental Health Issues among Refugees Survivors of Torture

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Physical and Mental Health Issues among Refugees Survivors of Torture Name: Institution: Iraq has been in conflict since the year 2003. This conflict has resulted in Middle East’s largest refugee crisis in over the last sixty years. Today, Iraqis have become one of the biggest refugee populations in the world. As a result, studies have been conducted on the status of physical and mental health of Iraqi refugees who have resettled in the Unites States. These studies were carried out on residents of Michigan, Texas, Idaho and California. The number of Iraqi refugees who settled in the United States during the fiscal year 2010 was estimated to be about 18,016 (Taylor et al., 2013). Due to this large number of refugees, the United States felt obliged to concern herself with the mental as well as the physical health of all the Iraqi refugees. This fact, therefore, makes the United States a major bother to other countries in which these refugees resettled. According to Taylor et al. (2013) the most common mental health concerns associated with the Iraqi refugees included depression, anxiety and emotional distress. These conditions were prevalent on nearly 50% of the total population. The refugees also experienced post-traumatic stress disorder, which was reported among 31% of the research participants. The physical health conditions of the refugees were also associated with their mental health statuses; especially depression. Other factors such as time spent in the United States, age, employment status, marital status and physical heath rating also had an impact on their physical health conditions. The physical health score depended on whether a refugee was

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