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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: The existence of God The question of the existence of Good is challenging since it is open-ended and has various answers depending on how one decides to address it. The scientific revolution of the past few centuries has led to people developing freewill in thinking and are now questioning established facts. Many people think that whatever cannot be proven from a scientific perspective is not true. Hence, they tend to challenge the idea of having a supernatural being, God repeatedly. Due to various speculations, we have seen people becoming atheist and claim to believe in science only, (Callard, 1). On the other hand, we have also seen others claiming to be “on the fence.” These individuals do not believe in God but give room for such an idea should it be proven. Science has opened minds but has also eroded many aspects of life such as superstitions and beliefs. Human beings are bound to try to find a solution to their problems. Science argues that the idea of a God is human’s excuse to the problems that they do not know any answers to. However, we cannot just disregard the idea of a God ignorantly without giving it a careful thought. For example, there is a lot to be understood yet by humans. We can learn to believe in God since there are many evidences of His existence. From a moral perspective and analyzing life as it is, it is not possible to ignore the existence of God. The first part of the question is to agree that we can learn to believe in God. A good example is having a fly on the other side of the wall. The fly essentially does not exist since it is not happening in your current situation. However, it still exists

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