Philosophy of Science and Research in Knowledge Acquisition

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Abstract Ours is a society characterized by science and evidence-based research. We have managed to make use of scientific principles in every aspect of our lives. Especially, in the education sector, the methods of teaching and research have significantly shifted focus to the evidence-based system that requires students to make an observation of facts, internalize the facts, perform experiments and come up with an evidentially proven fact. The shift began in the medical sector where doctors and nurses saw and understood the importance of adopting the evidence-based approach in the treatment and care of patients. The significance of this approach has continually been demonstrated by scientists and other stakeholders leading to the change of mind in other sectors to adopt this methodology. In other words, the role and significance of science in the education system, particularly research practices in the education system, has been a point of focus for many researchers. This focus has seen different authors and studies come up with a number of epistemologies regarding the role and influence of science in the acquisition of knowledge. In this regard, this paper seeks to reflect on the various epistemologies that have been associated with this topic. The reflection shall be based on the significance of the different ideas regarding the acquisition of knowledge and the role of science in the education system and the possibilities of their application with regard to the influence and the shaping of ideas in our society. Introduction In the society we live in, education and research practice are considered the basis for knowledge acquisition. Education being the basis of

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