Philosophy of Nursing Paper

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Philosophy of Nursinginstitution Date Introduction The nursing theory is based on the meta-paradigm of nursing which has four parts namely the environment, the person, the nursing skills, and health as shown in (The College of New Jersey…, 2014). In this context, person refers to the patient and his or her family members. The nurse is expected to provide information that will guide the decision making by the person in accessing healthcare (Thorne, Canam, Dahinten, Hall, Henderson, & Kirkham, 1998). The environment represents all aspects around the person that can cause illness and also affect recovery (The College of New Jersey…, 2014). Internal and external environment are considered for instance the mental state and geographical location respectively. Health refers to the patient health condition as well as the accessibility of healthcare services as shown in (Jarrin, 2012). The last element is nursing which refers to the skills and knowledge that an individual requires to qualify to be a nurse (Jarrin, 2012). Philosophies provide the framework for nursing practice through a reasonable and logical concept. Various nursing theories are used to explain the philosophies applied in the practice of nursing. The philosophy of nursing from a theoretical point of view Florence Nightingale came up with the concept of nursing theory, but the theory did not get the attention of nurses until the 1950s as shown in (Masters, 2014). The use of theory to guide nursing practice and research started in the 1980s. Various theoretical philosophies were created to help explain the four parts of the meta-paradigm of nursing. The health promotion model by Nola Pender The health

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