Pervasive development disorder

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Case Formulation PDD-NOS Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract Alvin is five years of age and in is in nursery school. He has both his parents Agnes and Dan who love him so much and always pays attention to his demands and needs. Alvin has problems with interacting and socializing with the other children both in school and even at home after being dropped from school. Moreover, he has developed a high tendency of poor communication when interacting with his parents. Alvin has a younger sister and strangely he does not seem to get along with her. He always separates himself from his sibling and does not have an interest in playing with here. His peer interaction is very poor characterized by poor communication habits and having unusual sensitivities to many aspects of his surrounding environment. The behavioral disparities showed by Alvin clearly point out to him suffering from pervasive development disorder, PDD-NOS. This condition has made his parents worried and has sort counseling on the best way on how to help their child have appropriate cognitive behavior both at home and with his peers. Alvin is five years of age and is enrolled in nursery school by his parents. The child has both his parents who have provided him with the necessary parental support and guidance. Moreover, Alvin has a younger sister who likes playing games with him. However, Alvin appears less interested in her sister and pretends to be participating in such kind of games. Both his parents are employed in the government departments, but all of them devote time to their children. Alvin leaves in a gated community with his family and is taken care of by his nanny employed by the

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