Persuade your audience to purchase a good or service

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Persuading the Audience to buy my Car using Topical Organizational Pattern Student’s Name Institution Date Abstract Buyers buy products for various reasons. The decision of a buyer is influenced by a number of factors. First, the buyer considers why he or she needs the product and secondly how the product is likely to benefit him or her. With the high competition for products in the market, there exists a variety of products in the market making it hard for the buyers to pick their preferred products. However, it is the marketing skills of the salesperson that, in most cases, lure customers into making the decision to break the bank. For instance, most customers never have the full information and details about the products they want to buy. As such, being a good salesperson, it is upon you to convince the buyer to make the decision to buy the product you are trying to market. In this regard, marketing a product employs different organizational pattern. In this paper, I shall employ the topical organizational pattern to market my cars to the audience. The focus shall be on four major topics namely: the uniqueness of my product; the benefit of my product; the features of my product; and finally the cost-effectiveness of my product. Introduction Persuading customers to buy cars is always a hectic job. This is because people buy cars for different reasons. Some buy cars for their businesses and some for their families. In essence, people look for different things when buying cars. As such, having to convince a person to prefer your model over the other models requires a high level of persuasion skills because most of these people, in most cases, already

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