Personnel Management

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Personnel Management Student’s name Institution Question One The merit-based personnel system is a process of hiring and appraising an employee subject to their performance rather than any political affiliation. It is built on principles of fair rewards. The patronage system allowed for elected officials to reward loyal individuals with jobs and promotions. In public administration, there is a need for the leadership to ensure a thoroughly productive workforce that handles public affairs competently. This is a step that results in quality services from public officers. On one hand, employees under this system are more concerned with reaching the set workplace standards of quality in their tasks. Relevance and any rewards are built upon this. Morale is driven by a desire to achieve more towards better performance and a positive review. Therefore, any policies under development undergo a thorough review in order to produce the best of works. Besides better output, this in itself weeds out policies created to appease the patrons at a loss for the public. However, the system may prove destructive due to its eventual effect of creating competitive behaviors within (Dussauge, 2011). This in itself pits employees against each other leading to potential conflicts and an uncooperative workforce. The end result of this is a low work ethic. Question Two Employees of all kinds enjoyed various rights as accorded them by the constitution or company operation manuals. However, there is an apparent difference in the rights enjoyed by public sector employees and their private sector counterparts. To begin with, public sector employees enjoy the freedom of speech to a greater

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