personnel management and organizational behavior

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Name of Student: Course Title: Tutor’s Name: Date of Submission: PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR Introduction: Staffing is very important when it comes to the operation of any business. It is the employees who interact with customers or clients on a regular basis. Therefore, as a human resource manager, I would advocate for the hiring of new employees to run the new stores in the United States. During the process of hiring new employees, qualification and competence will be necessary to ensure that only the best candidates are selected. The main aim of the entire exercise will be to strike a balance between the business and the staff who will be running the business. Another reason that will support the hiring of new employees will be the budget and projected growth of the business. Since the pet store is known in Germany, there are chances that it will attract more customers in the United States and expand on its outlets within. Therefore, this will call for the hiring of new staff to strengthen the growth of pet business. The nature of employment could be temporary or permanent, depending on the needs of business. A hiring strategy will have to be developed so as to get the best staff to work in the pet store. The best way to recruit workers like screening and training methods will have to be applied. At the end of the thorough exercise, competent employees will be recruited and boost the business to the next level. The emotions of employees are vital to the success of any business. Employees in any business are the people who interact with customers on a regular basis and thus can either boost the progress of a business or contribute to its

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