Personality Theory Paper

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Personality Theory Name Institutional Affiliation Personality Theory John Forbes Nash Jr. was an American mathematician who was indeed a genius to make enormous contributions to game theory, differential geometry and the study of partial differential equations. However, with great mind comes great responsibility and stress. Unfortunately, doctors in McLean Hospital in April 1959 diagnosed John Nash with paranoid schizophrenia. Over ten years he spent periodically in the hospitals. Fighting schizophrenia was unbelievably hard. His wife divorced him and raised their son on her own, and it seemed that the world had lost one of the greatest minds. However, John Nash turned out to be a healthy person, who later became a first person to win both the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences and Abel Prize. Alfred Adler’s personality theory is based on self-actualization or, more straightforward, a striving on being ideal. With the dream to be perfect comes the desire to fulfill all dreams, making everything as close to perfect as possible. It is notable that from the psychological point of view a term “perfect” is considered a negative one. Obviously, nothing or no one is perfect, so trying to reach perfection can come full circle and break the person completely. The main character of the movie A Beautiful Mind shows signs of striving perfection multiple times. John seems to be a shy, introverted person, however aware and confident in his intellectual abilities. On one of the days, one of John’s classmates asks him to play hex with him, and John agrees because the young man is very confident that he wins. During the game, Martin Hansen, the classmate, teases

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