Personal View on Lao-tzu, Machiavelli, and Bhutto

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Personal View on Lao-tzu, Machiavelli, and Bhutto. Lao-tzu, Machiavelli, and Bhutto are some of the most influential authors who have greatly influenced the political arena before and even after their deaths, not only in their respective countries but all over the world over. There are many people who have been inspired as well as influenced by their ideologies, which were displayed in the books. The entire world view them and their ideologies as important part of global history that cannot be overlooked. Political scholars influenced by Lao-tzu ideas have upheld quietude in authority and a controlled way to deal with statecraft, either for moral and radical reasons or for strategic closures. In an alternate setting, anti-dictatorship developments have grasped the Laozi lessons on the force of the frail Lao-tzu was among the earliest advocates of basically rebel ideas (Laozi et al. 37). All the more, as of late agitators, for example, Ursula K. Le Guin and John P. Clark have expounded on the conjunction amongst turmoil and Taoism in different ways, highlighting the lessons of Laozi specifically. Lao-tzu sees legitimate power as earned and wrongful power as usurped. From his analogy, he views sacrificing of oneself or others as a debasement of force. Tao Te Ching points out that a good leader should be a warrior, a healer, and a Tao, he or she should be able to know when to listen to his people or subjects, when to act and when to withdraw (Laozi et al. 57). Although humility has not been highly valued in the modern day culture, it seems to be a very powerful leadership skill as per La-tzu. Machiavelli was an Italian author who recommended that the social advantages of

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