Personal Statement: Master of Architecture and Urban Design

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Personal Statement: Master of Architecture and Urban Design Growing up in an urban village in Guangzhou, the architectural wonders did not surround me. Indeed all I could see were the various villages which gradually formed infringes in China since the early 1990s and became the habitats of the people with low income. Every time I walked through the urban village, I was astonished by the sprawling and awful environment due to the overcrowded structures. As a result, I started drawing and making my dream houses, from clay and because of the urge to do something in future, I decided to take architecture as my major in the college. To further my studies and having studied basic theory and design skills, I chose to participate in the urban design studio so that I could be able to come up with at least a solution to the problems that China is experiencing a rapid growth of urbanization. As I grew up, I came to notice the connection between architecture and urban design, with what I used to do while I was a kid. Indeed, architecture is defined by an environment of built structures, while on the other hand; urban design focuses on an area and the space around it. A structure must be constructed on a space hence architectural work creates cohesion by combining the spaces and structures together. The urbanization has been accompanied by growth in buildings that are not in harmony with the environment, and I believe that skills in urban design, added to architectural knowledge puts me in a better position to provide a solution to the overcrowding of buildings, currently experienced in my country. A career in architecture and urban design is a lifetime opportunity that also

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