personal statement for a engineering degree application

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Personal Statement My interest in engineering dates back to my childhood years. When I was young, my parents used to buy me toys like every other parent would do in our community. When I told my parents later that I would like to be an engineer, they told me it was not a surprise to them. Unlike many children, they informed me that I used to love specific toys such as cars, trucks, planes, and so forth. They further told me that I used to enjoy playing with the toys, and after a few days, I would start dismantling and reassembling them. Some of the toys were not disposed, and I can recall them. Additionally, some of the photos taken when I was playing with toys showed that I loved a specific type of toys. When I joined the school, there was a trend in my performance. I excelled in math and science subjects. Although I enjoyed math and sciences initially, my motivation to put more effort was when I learned that my performance can determine whether I was going to pursue my favorite course in the university. I was inquisitive in learning much about the people behind common things such as TVs, roads, bridges, cars, fridges, aircraft, and so forth. Additionally, I have always been inquisitive to learn how objects, equipment, appliances, machines and other products of engineering work. When I learned that they are engineers and that I had to perform well, I was motivated to work hard. My motivation was also reinforced by asking others questions regarding engineering, engineers, and what I can do to join the profession. My interest in engineering is also evident in the way I spend my free time. While being at school, I was excited by science experiments, and I applied some

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