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Personal Statement For as long as I can recall, passion has always driven me. It is passion that made chose Chinese as a major in college. It is passion that drove me to participate in debate and even be involved in volunteer work. My mantra in life is that if you have a passion for it, you will never regret it. It has also worked for me, as all, through the years I have never once regretted doing anything purely out of passion. Ever since I can remember, I have always been fascinated by statistics. The passion coupled with my fascination for statistics drove me to work for Tencent Company immediately after completing my undergraduate degree. I also had the option of continuing with my post graduate degree, but I shelved those plans until a later date. I had a desire to do better and be the best at what I did. Even during my junior year at the company, my hard work and self-drive were noticed by my superiors. This earned me promotion after promotion and at one point, I served in two positions. One was the editor of international meetings and the other, a host for the annual meetings. In today’s world, education plays a significant part in any individual’s development. It might not always be the key to success, but it makes going through life and achieving dreams easier. With this in mind, I enrolled at Xi’an University in 2008 and majored in Chinese language and literature with English as my double major. During my four years at the school, I also managed to receive a national scholarship. I discovered that I had too much free time and chose to some extra-curricular activities, which would help me in my studies. To this end, I began to organize debate contests and

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