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I am interested in undertaking a Ph.D. program in health policy and administration at the UIC’s Department of public health. I was born in a small and backward town in north-west China. My father passed away in a car accident when I was just fifteen years old. At around the same time, my grandfather suffered cerebral hemorrhage and became paralyzed for five years. I still remember the heavy burden his paralysis placed on our family and the desperation it subjected my mother to. From then on, I made a personal decision to learn how to take care of myself so as to relieve my family of some of the burden. This resolve instilled the values of independence, resolution, and perseverance in me. The whole experience made me wish I was a doctor so that I would relieve patients like my grandfather of their pain and help take some burden off their families’ shoulders. The annual University Entrance Examination is of utmost importance to every Chinese student. However, I got a fair score and got admission into a common university. The major that I was offered admission to was also not the one I had aspired for. I, therefore, became an undergraduate student of health administration. This course was meant to furnish students with skills to comprehend the present theory surrounding healthcare organizations and apply it in solving modern healthcare issues. It was also meant to help those taking it to pinpoint leadership traits unique to medical professionals and determine how the present community and public issues affect leaders in the healthcare sector. Seeing as I could not change this major, I decided to study hard. My passions became units that dealt with advanced math,

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