Personal Profile for Conflict Predispositions

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Personal Profile for Conflict Predispositions. Conflict Management Styles. It is important to carry out a self-assessment on our preferences in dealing with and managing the conflict. According to Shockley-Zalabak (2011), the performance of the self-analysis helps in developing sensitivity while approaching a conflict or the person you are conflicting with. Shockley-Zalabak (2011) describes five predispositions of handling conflict; these are accommodation, collaboration, compromise, avoidance, and competition. Thus, judging from my total score on my preference style in dealing with conflict, I believe that collaboration achieves the most result. As a method, it enables one to examine the situation thoughtfully focusing on the primary goals. Similarly, I would consider the use of compromise as the second best way, especially in a situation where negotiating is needed. The method works best in group settings rather than in individuals’ conflicts. Based on the scores, I totally would not go for methods such as avoidance, accommodation and most especially competition. These methods are self-centered and only achieve an individual’s goal. Strategies and Tactics Based on Shockley-Zalabak (2011), predisposition methods aim at either escalating the conflict, avoiding engaging in one, maintenance of the conflict, and a reduction of it. The occurrence of either one of these is influenced by the type of communication tactic employed while handling conflicts. Competitive and confrontational methods only act to escalate the dispute whereas open debate and disagreements may maintain or reduce the conflict. Consequently, focusing on my scores in tactic preference, on a scale of 1

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